Bad Digital Karma

This whole week I feel like I have been suffering from bad digital karma. 

I got the clever idea that selling my old virgin mobile phones would pay for a new phone for me without the cost of buying a new one. 

So each time I sell a phone on Amazon I get a email saying the phone sold, then I scrabble to backup all my photos and data. 

Then a quick factory reset and trip to the post office

Then I just transfer my service to my next old phone. 

So with the sale of each phone I have been going to progressively older and less gently used. Which means allot of updating software and removing apps to try and make room. 

That and as if everything else electronic in my life has decided to boycott me in solidarity for me abandoning my old cell phones,it seems like anything me complex  then my electronic pencil sharpener is not working well. 

I have written more blogs today then all month each post today has taken half a dozen attempts, between lost connections and freeze ups ect. 

This sucks

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