Ride the train…

Often when I leave work one of the first things I do before I take a nap or eat, is to try and blog something of jhot down some information about my bosses abuse.
Yesterday it was the conversation between my boss and I where he told me that he needed me to do the work.
When I responded without looking up from the paperwork, and said I am doing work.It’s the paperwork.
He then told me I could do the paperwork on my break.

I very dramatically sighed, and said if I was doing paperwork it would not be a break.

To which he responded, when they meaning the inmates on my work crew,where on a break.
That was a perfect time for me to do paperwork.

On my break, I responded

Well I said feel free to put that is written
At which point he just walked away.

Today my inmates engaged in a three way argument about whether I had no friends,was shy, or secretly gay.
Those being the only three reasons they could come up with for why I and I quote directly here Had never pulled a train on a girl with my friends.

Oddly enough the reason of not being a rapist freak never came up.
It’s days like these that I think getting a job outside of the prison system might not be a bad idea….

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