Change change…Change…

This guy was outside the Fairfield gas station where I went for a soda.
He shouted change change change at me in a very loud violent way.
I was not sure if he was trying to get change from me or if he was doing a very punk rock version of chain of fools.
As a general rule I don’t that most crimes go well with show tunes.
Personally I don’t like ambiguity in my begging. sure I like a little story. But I draw the line at musical theatre.

So one my way back out past him he pointed at me and gave me a thumbs up and said "Thats right mother fucker you be the mother fucking master blaster and shit , dude rock the fuck on ."

Again I was not sure of the take away from that ,but by the time he started in on the change again, I just left.

However should I have the desire to be a Master blaster, I will do so with the knowledge that I am in fact apparently quite able to "Rock it"
Should I choose to, which I find oddly up lifting…

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