1 October, 2015 23:43

So last night I had chicken that needed to be cooked and I didn’t know what to do with it . So I decided to rub the chicken with curry and then I cooked it in coconut oil and this was pretty good .
it smelled quite good and so I essentially just brown the chicken covered in curry so now it is it could be called galloping chicken but then I felt ok this is a little boreing with nothing else to eat So what am I going to make to eat with it .
So I added Curry to cream of chicken soup and added coconut milk then mixxed it up for a while with a whisk. while I put tater tots, green peas ,celery and green onions and a very large Pyrex dish and then poured the mitxture over that and then carefully aranged the chicken in rows .
Then all that was left was to bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes and this produced an almost explosive smell of curry throughout the house this was a very inspiring smell .
I knew it was going to be quite spicy as I used gram masala and two different types of curry powder
One of which is a very hot Indian curry and the other one day more mild Thai curry other then they are both yellow they could not have been much more diffrent and still both been curry. That they complimented each other so well was a happy accident .
And had more to do with my lack of enough spice of either kind to fully flavor the dish, than cooking skill on my part.
However the house smells like curry and the celery is still crispy.
I will take my wins where I can get them.

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