Dance monkey dance….


I love my mom. don’t get me wrong however she’s exactly the sort of person who says after I tell her that I’m doing psychiatric consult on the phone for a stress for my job-related insanity  Well don’t talk too much you know how you get you don’t want them to think you’re crazy. They  might lock you up
I don’t know what universe my mom lives in that I can go this long in my life without being locked up and suddenly there going to catch up and say “Oh we missed one.”

On the downside, I had rather hoped the person might say
So tell me about your mother.
While I lay on a couch……

One Reply to “Dance monkey dance….”

  1. Your mom and my mom should get together for tea one of these days, and we should join them. The conversation would be…interesting. And quite blog worthy. I remember this photo of her – wasn’t she trying to keep spiders out of her hair? So cute. Tell her hi for me. 🙂

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