Last night…

Last night my mom called to tell me that there was star wars Mac and cheese.

Not in a I bet you would have liked that as a child, but just in a little bit of surprise that such a thing is.

It was funny and cute.

Much more cute then the last time she called with a random call.

It was to tell me not to eat at the Mexican place chick fill a….

It took me forever to get her to explain that it not pronounced chip fillet .

That it was chi-pole-a.

Trey odd.

One comment

  1. Your mom is so funny.

    I love the cute commercials for the Star Wars mac, and I’m sure we’ll end up with a few boxes of it. I mean, we’re already using the Coffee Mate Star Wars creamers. It’s just what happens in a house full of geeks. 🙂

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