Wandering around the city

I was in sac for a few days with Justin and the lovely Julia. The plan wasn’t necessarily for me to take pictures its just I always bring my camera with me and there are several things in Sacramento very interesting to see at night I also like exploring the city looks like exploring anywhere now and even though I’ve lived near Sacramento for a number of years I never lived downtown or any we’re closer than the suburbs.

There’s a lot of strange beauty to the night and I am a fan of urban decay I liked it Sacramento is such a borderland that you have 18th century Victorian houses in the shadow of ultra modern skyscrapers and small weird exclusive neighborhoods that are built around streets that don’t have any access you have million-dollar mansions right down the block from massive industrial type design buildings with graffiti art there seems to be almost a narrative about the city
There are a lot of people that are homeless in Sacramento and we did not even go to the areas that are homeless refuge areas as it were these are just the almost spillover homeless people there are a lot of them
And it could be my approachability but many of them talk to me which that could just be a function of me what am I trying not to think so whenever I’m in the city which is San Francisco to nom Bay Area folks I’ve noticed a difference in the there certain areas particularly in the drawing a blank on what the Gary is that’s not a joke
. I first noticed it in an area that was a Jason to the predominantly gay neighborhood in that if there was one is the one more element added that made a difference all the homeless people seem to interact in a different space in the business people walking around and they didn’t interact they just avoided each other like how I put your neutrons not running into each other or Adams bouncing around like they occupy the same space and I’m sure there were aware of each other and all but up but if I was watching them for long. Of time and I saw a homeless people just become disc Emporia Land walkthrough the regular citizens and less or so I would have been surprised that’s what that seem like and the only reason I noticed it was because there were groups of same-sex couples like walking around holding hands being with an animated and they were the one extra step because then the business type people and the homeless interacted didn’t interact with them either so then so that was a three way deal then you had the business people the homeless people and they gave all that interact with each other and that’s what made it totally obvious I don’t get that feeling here in Sacramento it’s almost as if the homeless people have reached a critical mass
And it not as if this is  an East Coast place this is not somewhere where it’s going to snow in all the homeless people are going to die but it is a place where it gets cold, and is not sunny all the time .  last night it rained so there were a few  definitely soggypiles of   blankets on park benches, almost looking  like a performance art piece, sadly however

For the people huddled under them it was not .

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  1. Sacramento sounds a hell of a lot like Portland. I don’t care to go there much, as it makes me a little uneasy. But there are definitely many photo ops in the big city (especially of urban decay) that can be truly amazing. Nice pictures – glad you had a cool adventure this weekend. 🙂

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