Well it’s been two weeks.

Today my stress leave ends, it’s been two weeks and my time is up.
Going back to work is not a fun idea,
Much of what I had hoped to get done while I was off did not happen.
I did spend a few good days in sac, and have applied for a few jobs.
So it was not a total loss.

The fact that my boos had a supervisor call me just to tell me that I was lacking sick time so my two weeks off will be unpaid , is just the sort of thing I can expect.

Being gone gave me sometime, it allowed me to send in some whistle blower type stuff to the state, and osha.

Which may or may not have had an effect by now.

Sitting in the group listening to him talk about why people stay in crappy jobs, really sucked for me .
None of the stuff he talked about applied to me.

There is no huge status, power ,or prestige with my job.

The reason I am there still is simple, I lack the courage to really go and find something better.

That is the take away from job stress group.

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