Strangely enough…

It seems the Mongolian BBQ charged me extra for not wanting white rice with my meal.
This is weird and par for the course I find as I try and eat healthier.

For example at McDonalds it costs more to have a sausage Patty and an egg Patty than the total cost of a sausage egg mc muffin.

So I pay more for not having cheese food and bread?

In what way does that add up?

So like I said, could I get two egg drop soups and no rice with my meal, and she said yes no problem..

Which is the sort of service I get at the Mongolian BBQ place, whether it’s a hold out from the year of my then girlfriend ordering me food to be delivered to a Walmart parking lot on almost a weekly basis. Which I tend to think makes an impression.
Don’t think so ?
Try ordering a pizza and then tell them to meet you in the local big box store parking lot. See what kind of response you get.

Or maybe it’s just that I have lived here for a few years, and this is one of my favorite places.

But for whatever reason everyone from uncle ho the busboy with his overly starched shirts and nicotine stained fingers, to the overly hipster teenaged son, who seems to greet me with “Sup, you got on tonight?” As if he was working
On some rap lyrics and does not have time for two separate questions of what’s up, and you what would you like tonight menu or all you can eat BBQ?
Decided that I needed a bowl of white rice.

And to be honest it was quite a struggle.
I very much wanted to eat that rice, I always want to eat the rice.
Any rice.
Every rice.
I am a rice a holic
If there is such a thing.
The only time I tried to go low carb,
I found my self-making my own lyrics to bad romance, and replacing them with Carb images….

So I feel like it was a victory, as I realised that it would be easier to just get the rice and stop the progression of warm inviting bowls of rice from being brought to my table and then taken away by staff who seem vaguely perplexed. By me

And of course if I had let even one of the bowls on my table ,I would have eaten it.
And most likely any friends the staff realised they could now bring me.

So my diet might not be off to a great start,
But it has been interesting……


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