Daze off


Today I woke up late and took more of the great and scary sleep stealing drugs.
My phone says no calls so far, and no texts.
So nothing from work,and a simple choice or rather it would be a choice to be faced in a few days.
In a few days  I will have to decide what to do.
To figure out not only what I would like to do, but more importantly what I plan on fighting for.
Or if I plan to fight?
All that.

Comes later.
Today I just need to decide what to eat, and when sleep and take my meds.

One comment

  1. Hey it’s me. I’m sorry I couldn’t communicate with u sooner but I was in the hospital and not allowed to use my phone. Tell me what’s going on. And to let u know u they sent me a confirmation sheet for the phone that I’m going to do now that I’m on my way home. So I’ll be mailing tomorrow and should receive phone hopefully soon. So I did try. I sent in all the required documents. Find a way to get ahold of me somehow soon miss you.

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