The idea of going back to work tommorow is not a particularly happy one for me.

Two weeks ago after being sick for a week and trying to work anyway, my doctor put me on some steroids.
I may not be a gym rat and may never care about the perfect body, but even if I did. Steroids that the muscle freaks take must be different, or there is something seriously wrong with those people.


So wandering around downtown I could not help thinking that it would be fairly easy to not so much change jobs as just transfer to somewhere other than working under LeRoi.
Now I am thinking it would be just as easy to get a different job.
I have been looking all week and wondering about different possibility better paying gigs.


Walking around the city with Justin has really driven into my head how out of shape I currently am.
Partly I can blame it on my lack of movement for two weeks due to breathing troubles.
But really my fat ass does just not do enough exercise and I eat way to much…

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