Today was a blahh day…

Today being a blah day is somewhat odd.
After being sick for more than a month, after taking some heavy duty antibotics for as much time as three pills takes, I feel quite a bit better.
Which is why I missed work.
After eating something small and taking one pill and firgureing out where my socks were. I noticed that I was feeling better. After a shower and half way Thu my prep for the day , I lay back down and slept for a couple of hours.

Which should be in big bold letters.
Sleeping for more than on hour, and not waking up in any of the ways I have been doing in the last moth, seems almost cause for celebration.

Coughing myself awake is one of the best ways of waking this month.

Choking on phlegm and panicking has been a close favorite.

But the best has been waking up from a nightmare where "they were coming for me" which oddly enough also involved one way conversations with my pillow pet.

By far the strangest was when I had a less than one way conversation with said pillow pet who informed me in a voice that was the slightest bit patronising , that the song he was singing over me in my sleep
Confused "them " and kept me safe.

So it’s hard to see how the day would be blahh if all that is fading away.
However it is.

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