Starting to feel almost human.

I still feel like total crap, but I can feel the meds doing something.
And at some point last night I slept for like almost five hours at once.

But five hours at once is amazing.

So I guess I can say my life sucks but I can see how it’s going to get better.
And it is.
It’s kinda like when the king James Bible says A time is coming and now is…
That is a phrase that has always tripped me out.

In a nut shell.
I am getting better.
I may not feel it yet. And to be honest after almost a month of being sick, not feeling all that different could take a while.
Seeing as my core is still stressed from the amount of coughing I have been doing…

So now I can tell in the next few days I will get the after sick clean feeling.
That strange surge of strength and energy , that means you have to clean always all the ditritis of your sick time
The questionable tissues, and the dirty dishes.
The bedding, and pillow cases, and the socks which happened to be in a then clean clothes hamper,so for some reason became the perfect thing to blow my nose on.or wake up choking on yellow solid pheln, so spitting it into something close was needed.
So yeah loads of cleaning will have to happen soon.

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