Not sure what to say.

My Roomate today thought that he would let me know that I should be paying my neibhor 200 bucks for bumping into his car when he helped me push my broken car.

I have told him that if he says the shop says 200 bucks,then when I get paid I. Would give him 100 and he could bring me the receipt

Rays thought is that I owe him and no matter how he uses his money.
I should just pay him the money and such.

This is the same guy who I talked to about how my moving out like he decided recently,would screw me up as it would meaning payin himAnd my car off, and then the new won’t leave enough.

He seemed to feel no sense of duty when it comes to me
Not only that but he feels it’s his place to tell me I should go give him something.
I have less than 60 bucks until the first.

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