Blogging blahsss

Lately I have started to think that blogging is really just my complaining about aspects of my life I am unhappy about.
Being unhappy about stuff sounds like it could lead to motovation, which could lead to improvement.
But mostly I think it will just lead to me complaining more and my being impressed with how clever my snark is….

Not sure I need to keep doing that.

26 May, 2016 06:39

Laundry seems to cover all furniture in the house,everyday.
The funny thing is that the clothing belongs to the junkies .
The junkies are no longer here, so this is a weirdly useless way to spent the day.
So each day the Roomates mother takes the clothes and refolds them, and the arranges them in a different pattern…

It’s odd.
And time to move….

Ocd art..

My Roomate who has a mild case of ocd I’s being driven mildly nuts by the fact that every time he returns home after being gone for any great length of time, finds his mother busy arranging random items in the house.

Sometimes it’s the food in the pantry and sometimes it’s the junkies clothes.
I find it mildly funny.
And rarely does it bother me.

It does bug me a little when I open my freezer drawer to find my frozen food arranged by shape, or color.
I doubt she is eating my food unlike the junkies, but it is weird to find my stuff in different places.
The other day she bagged my chessee slices in zip lock bags, the slices were the kind that come wrapped in plastic, and some deli slices.

So each sandwich bag contained random numbers of wrapped and in wrapped no particular order.