My new place is not perfect, For example, one or more of my roommates seems to not understand the clear Cause and effect,  between leaving your dishes in the sink dirty, and the lack of clean things to use the next day.

Now i am as guilty as any of them of having a few dirty dishes in my room at any given time, which could lead to someone else not being able to eat the next day, in theory.

We have enough extras, to go a few days no problem. No, what I am talking about is the sort of stupid little stuff.

Everyday regular as clockwork There is a knife in the sink with peanut butter on it in the sink.Every morning, and sometimes at night.

It seems like one of them has a certain threshold If it’s just one dish or plate, or the aforementioned knife.Then it gets left behind.

Sometimes it bugs me.

And then I remember My last roommate’s craziness.



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