The other day…


Every time I travel from the new town I live in now, to my old stomping grounds in Vacaville, I see this boarded up house. Each time I drive by I find myself thinking about going to photograph the place.It has a bunch of no trespassing signs, and seem rather well boarded up.

That is until today when I noticed that it seems to have been almost burned down.

I would have loved to go exploring it with my camera, but I not only had just my smartphone as a camera, but I also had a weeks worth of frozen food in my car slowly defrosting.

I don’t have any kind of thing about fire, or anything. What I like about the place are the textures that the fire created.

So I wandered around for a bit, and I would have gone down into the basement Because despite what happens in horror movies, Basements and bathrooms are always the best parts of abandoned places.

Well, that and when you find an old child’s doll and it starts weeping blood or something, But you can’t count on that happening every time.

The next day On my way to Vacaville for something I noticed that the fences were back up and the whole house was now just a pile of boards. The whole place had been demolished.








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