Kathy Griffin Super villain.

I am by no means a great supporter of either the President or Ms. Griffin.

But after watching her apologize in the video that is on Facebook, I have to ask?

Now I clearly am not the only one who thought her apology was not a very good one, as clearly it was not. But man, She really nailed that James Bond super

But man, She really nailed that James Bond super villain monolog there at the end.

Am I the only one who thinks she would make a great Bond super villain?

I can totally see her in some kind of horrific spandex fashion crime, Talking to Idris Elba who would, of course, be the next bond. She would be explaining how her genetically engineered crops would be used to make a super virus who would wipe out most of humanity, leaving the world for the “right thinking element” to form a brave new world.To undo all the wrongs we had done, and to save mother earth.


Don’t you see MR. Bond ? I was only trying to make the world a better place!

Until you ruined it!

She would scream with her mascara running and Before she met her end in some complexly ironic way that had been foreshadowed within the first five minutes of her on screen appearance.

I mean she totally nailed that sort of crazy,” I know I did something wrong, But it was the right thing.” Just saying She could do a great job.

Oh maybe she could have a giant SDI type laser on the moon, and she could use it to kill all the unattractive people.

She could scream My laser. My laser, I could have made the world a pretty-ier place, a better place.

and pull a compact laser pistol out of somewhere, and shoot it at Bond and he could have a mirror and reflect it back at her.

and with the music swelling, he would say something off camera.

Turns out I was wrong . You can make the world a better place by killing people with a laser.


Well you get the idea.

I am just saying .




  1. Never really paid much attention to Kathy Griffin until this latest stunt, and I doubt I will be keeping track of her after this. I loathe Trump with a passion, but I don’t approve of his youngest son being traumatized by her sense of humor.. He’s just a kid, and I imagine his life is fucked up enough already, having Trump as a dad. I feel sorry for him.

    That being said – your vision of her as a Bond super villain is just strange and funny enough to make me go check that out.

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