Stevenson Bridge

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Finding out there was a place called of all things Graffiti Bridge less than fifteen minutes from my house, was my plan D for the day. I had a few other plans, which all fell thru.

So with a large iced coffee from the Starbucks drive-thru, and PRINCE playing on my car’s stereo, Camera in hand I set out.


The bridge itself was covering

water, like most bridges, do.

The water was a lovely green,

and the trees were also very nature like.

There was a number of cars.

As well as a person photographing

two girls in dresses that looked

really very uncomfortable in 93-degree weather.


I kept trying to frame a shot and they would get in the way.

Which lead me to the underside of the bridge.

img 0424
img 0424

The ground under the bridge sparkled from all the broken glass embedded in the ground. Honestly, it looked like every Twilight fan within a twenty-mile radius got invited to a make-out party under the bridge.With his or her favorite vampire, sparkleyAnd sparkly bits rubbed off in the friction.


It was not the best Graffiti I have seen, But the underside of the bridge was cool in the midday heat, and the colors were very soothing.

For me there something about the bright colors and patterns that are very soothing, It’s like listening to French Trip hop music..My brain knows that the singer is saying something, but it means nothing to me, so  I just listen to the “beat of the words” almost like the words are just a different part of the music.Which they clearly are. But it’s hard to describe exactly.

There is a French artist, Who sounds amazingly like Sarah Mclachlan doing Dirty Little Secret  With Thievery Corporation. Except it’s in French, and every so often there is a male French voice that is both lyrical and just a little bit menacing.

Oh, and they layer in Soulful sounding trumpets, Which clash with upbeat strings.

I may not be describing it well,  But the effect at least for me is that of am almost painful Sonic massage.It

It  may start out a little jarring, and then But then you find yourself relaxing into it.

img 0425
img 0425


Standing under the bridge staring at the bright colors and shapes, with nothing to do and nowhere I need to be, I put my camera in my bag, and sat on one of the only clean non-twilight party areas.

Sitting Lotus style and sipping my coffee. I JUST WAS.



img 0426
img 0426

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