Started the day with a simple scramble

Cilantro really made this Scrabble different today.So far not much is going on with me, I am seriously debating going to the prison tommorow and turning in my work note that releases me to work.
Or rather I should say light duty.
Not sure how they are going to react. To that.

Since the management has never liked me I expect that badly will be the correct word. However what sort of badly is the question.

I don’t know myself which I would prefer to be honest.
I like the idea of the increased activity and money that work would provide.
But the stress and general suckage is also a factor.

We shall see.


  1. That’s sure not a fun thing to look forward to, but I hope your transition back to work is at least halfway smooth. And yes…your breakfast looks very yummy, as always.

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