Magnesium dreams

"Like handcuffs for houdini

This whole thing is a con

You know what’s gonna happen

But you don’t know how it’s done."

Favorite song lryics

  • Cutting Crew

Magnesium is supposed to be not only a great supplement to take vitamin wise, but it is supposed to give you really vivid dreams.

I tried it.I had a bit of a nightmare involving black eyed children.
it ended up with me being a smart ass, and having a partner Who was a transgender magic user, who instead of using strange Latin sounding incantations spoke the lyrics of obscure 80s music.

Having black eyed hoodie wearing childer summon Hellfire, around you in a dream is terrifying.
But the surprising feeling of "rightness" that TOTO lyris, could summon cool spring rains to wash it all away is if anything weirder.
So yeah, Magnesium dreams aside from sounding like a cool cyberpunk title, sounds about right.

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