New flavors

The Starbucks near the garage, is a kind of test store
The store is now using these cool apothecary looking bottles The new bottles are a type of flavoring which is supposed to be more natural I am excited for the to see if the local Starbucks will give me the empty ones.

I love the idea of having to have a rack of odd things in oil to cook with.

When I was in high school my friend Brad Bernice took me to his home where we watched a movie with his mom and ate pop corn. She made pop corn in a pan and used oil that looked a bit odd.
She eventually showed me how she would buy things like hot peppers, and let them sit for months until they eventually all but disappeared.
She even poured some of her garlic pepper oil( my favorite pop corn oil at the time) into a small bottle for me to take home.
That bottle stayed on my closet until I moved out on my own and made pop corn on the stove.
My mom only made microwave pop corn, and my attempt to pour some on microwaved popcorn was an abomination.

I love the idea of starting my own collection with recycled bottles.
Almost anything made with cooking oil can by stepped up a few clicks on the flavor scale by useing a quality oil with something in it.
At a recent cooking demo I learned about hot seseme oil. Which is a perfect example
And of course one of my first creation Will be something I learned about at Nathan shobes dinner party

It’s is almost a whole different story.
It’s what he introduced as his boyfriends sweet hot cock sauce.

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