On a quest to find the horrible smell.

Today I went in search of the horrible smell that is hiding somewhere in the fridge.I thought that the most of the smell was coming from some pho that had gone bad. As everyone knows that when soup goes bad, pho among the worst offenders.
It steals from the other soups and stays out late running the streets.It makes inappropriate comments to the other soups, making innuendos to the hot and sour soup.
However, I think it will be much more complex hunt than I had thought it would be.

My many of my roommates do not seem to understand the basics of how to store food in the fridge.
I was a bit surprised to note that they are keeping both cans and seasoning packets on the shelves.Along with such things as open cans of what can only be called cheese on a chemical level.
Hopefully, I will find the smell.

Before it finds me.



  1. Slarty 1 Since you have taken the time to respond to my blogs of the last month or so with the above comment. It must reflect your ideas of what it means to read someone elses blog. You were right my blog did contain some spelling errors.
    and i few mistypes. I dont know why you could not follow the idea, but rest assured I have done an edit of the entry.
    Perhaps you could find the time to re-review the blog and have something else to say about it .
    I have found that in the past you have had many excuses for not responding to me blog,in a more meaningful way.
    I find it hard to think that you wish this level of critique
    for your own work.

  2. I can understand it now. It still contains many errors. Did u actually read over what you’d written? Periods, exclamation points and question marks are supposed to be followed by 2 spaces. The work stands as a slightly amusing account of cleaning out a fridge.

    • Constructive criticism is a good thing, but yours has been more rude than helpful. Think about the type of feedback you’d like to get on your blog. Would you prefer someone to say – “Your blog is boring because you constantly talk about your grocery list?” Or – “If you like blogging about your grocery list, you could describe a recipe you plan to try with said groceries, just to make it more interesting.” Personally, I’d prefer the latter. It’s appreciated when you have a substantial comment on the post topic, or at the very least, acknowledge what the writer is saying. (As you did above.) And perhaps lighten up on pointing out grammatical and punctuation errors, or save such remarks for private messages. Blogs aren’t written to be graded as a spelling test. They are about WHAT the writer is saying, and less about the structure of the post. All that being said, I agree with Mykl that perhaps it’s best that you focus more on improving your own work, and less on nitpicking the posts of others.

      • Lisa, u don’t comment on my blog at all, and u gave me your specific agreement u would. Michael and I will work out our problems ourselves. The original post before corrected I found unreadable. Michael’s criticism of my stuff I find pretty brutal, but when I calm down, I find value often. No1 likes criticism, but it’s often needed. U can both attack my comments, but I’ll continue to follow my conscience until your arguments convince me. I don’t flame and I mean well.

      • I would like to point out that this is the longest comment you have made on my blog. The most time and effort you have invested, and it was not about my blog what so ever…

      • I think Tad missed your point. Tad tends to understand things differently these days.
        I think he might understand it if you added numbers.
        Like tad gets a point for commenting.
        And minus a point for not talisman my about your blog.
        -1 a point for just being a dick and pointing out errors
        +1 for saying you like it and why
        -1 for just hitting like

  3. oh, i see you are wanting highly critical reviews of your works as well, you have made very little effort to look at my blog for the last month or so, and this is what you produce.Maybe you might want to fix stuff with your blog before you are so critical of mine.
    or as the man said
    Matthew 7:3
    Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?

    Do you really want me to point out how often you do things wrong in your blog?
    Shall we start with how you don’t even have a gravatar yet?
    or how the longest part of your entry is how you are spending what seems like all day working on hashtags?
    and shall I say again? OH, I forgot to mention earlier…
    You have not made the same amount of effort to look at my blog as you would like myself and others to use on yours.
    Do you really think this comment in any way helps your case?
    Make an effort to do better.

    • Until I find a reason to mess with WordPress, that gravatar may well remain blank. As u know, I’m working on spending more time on your blog. Maybe I owe u an apology. I’m just not convinced yet.

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