Perfect example

If I had to sum up why my Roomate bugs me it could be summed up almost perfectly With the following story.

I woke up to find the kitchen in some disarray and my eggs on the wrong shelf.
I was tempted to think he had taken my eggs but he seems to have a cartoon of his own. So my egggs were just in a different spot.

There was also a bunch of stuff around the kitchen, the sort of thing he always does. Leaving his butter on the counter, dishes in the sink.
And the detritus from his cooking.
He seems to not notice his mess.
He has left a cup of water on the counter for weeks, until someone else cleaned it up.

So when I asked him today if he left his mess in the kitchen.
He made a big show of breathing out loudly, the sort of thing done by either a melodramatic teen, or someone with a blowgun.

Then he started with excuses.
I did not pay attention enough to catch the whole thing ,but as near as I can recall. Yeah I cooked.
I don't know whose dishes were in the sink.
I don't know who left all the dishes in the drying rack.
Yeah, people often leave dishes in the sink.Do you ask them too, or just me?

Not only did this little speech
Start without me, but he seemed happy to continue without my input. I let him get done with the dishes, and walk out of the kitchen before I asked And is that your butter on the counter?

So he walked back into the kitchen and slammed around some drawers and washed off the knife he used to spread his butter.
As he walked past where I was lounging on the couch, sipping coffee and trying to get my mourning off to a slow start.
He said "Of course" with more resentment than I have seem since I was in a Hot topic, that had run out of My Chemical Romance shirts, and knitted hats with cat ears on the same day.

What is he saying of course to?
Is it that the butter is his?
Or that I mentioned that he left a mess?
Or even for all I know that I was drinking coffee?
He could have been complaining about anything really he. Oils have been lamenting that I had not gotten to the point in my day where I needed to wear underwear. But I digress.

So after all that he cleaned his dishes, but he left a plate and fork in the sink.

That is what bugs me about him.
He complained and whined.
But could not be bothered to wash an extra dish, and a single fork.

So every time he leaves a mess we are expected to clean it up or work around it. But he won't clean up even a little mess that is not his.


So says the Mykl.


  1. I liked this post. Not sure why. I caught about 3 errors, but it struck me as a great story. U should read over your posts b4 posting. Does your place have meetings? If so, maybe bring it up @ the meeting.

    • Dude one of my Roomate’s leaves his pants on the floor on the living room, and his socks on the living room table. We don’t have meetings if we did it would be
      All about us saying hey don’t be dumb. Hopefully the two of them will be moving out soon

  2. That sucks, sorry you are living with total slobs. When your roommates bitch at you for pointing out their messes, you should remind them that their time complaining could be time spent cleaning up.

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