Late naive breakfast

One of the first things I learned how to cook was a fried egg sandwich.
A friend of mine came by and said he was hungry , so we talked and I made him a fried egg sandwich. The first attempt was a very sad affair . Runny yolks , burned bread and melted plyomar trying to pretend it is cheese. I tasted it and to be honest it was so bad, that I might have left the plastic wrapper on the “cheese food”.
My second attempt was okay, or at lest better. My attempts seemed to center around doing something weird with eggs, and hoping they would “work”
Needless to say it was not good. In something that would have made a good scene from a movie.
My friend took one bite put the sandwich down and proclaimed “That was fucking horrible, I liked the one with the plastic bits better. Try again .”
I would have been offended by his rudeness, but to be honest, I might have preferred the one with the burned and melted plastic.
I just shrugged, and showed him the almost empty loaf of bread, and empty egg crate.

And in response he got up off the bar stool in my kitchen and walked out of my apartment into the rain.

I did not know what to do, So I shut and locked the door, and set about cleaning up the “scene of the crime.”

Twenty minutes of so later there was a knock on my door . I opened it to find my now semi drenched friend holding two very full grocery bags.

Dumping the bags on the counter, he walked around to the stools and sat drown.
“Okay,three eighteen packs of eggs should do it. You did not burn those so much. And I got you real cheese with no plastic, so that should help.”
I briefly thought about killing him with the spatula, but decided he did have a point about the good cheese. And really that many eggs should be enough to learn to make a decent sandwich.
So we hung out in my kitchen and talked about stuff, while I set about attempting to learn how to cook eggs in a non vikling funeral sort of way.
That was also the time I learned how to make omelets. Which is what you do with more then three dozzen eggs, after you get sick of fried egg sandwiches.

Tonight’s sandwich was a thing of beauty by comparaision.
The bread was whole wheat with loads of fiber and seeds. The cheese was the kind that come separated by paper in stead of wrapped in plastic. Along with a delicately fried eggs, and thinly fried tomatoes. Topped with some lettuce, and a bit of avacado.

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