Book find

Waiting for Erin to show up at the coffee shop in Davis where we had agreed to meet , I found a copy of a Lee child book, and decided to read and have some coffee.

Someone left a little present in the book, maybe that was there idea of an Easter egg. Who know, I could not help feel that it was a very not “Reacher” thing to do.

But Erin was not much more late then myself, so it worked out well.

19 thoughts on “Book find

      1. I’m sure it won’t go to waste – somebody was probably quite thrilled to discover that little treasure. Keep Steve or Bob in mind for the next time you find something like that.

      1. Any time. I have a hard time sorting through Tad’s blogs to make sense because he jumps around more in time then the movie looper. He doesn’t have any that I could remotely promote because he uses 1 for one like any and r for are, etc. It makes it incredibly hard for me to read because it’s annoying.

      2. You should try reading his arguments for how he is a great friend. It’s painful. I doubt he will ever get around to answering the response Lisa sent him

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