Book find

Waiting for Erin to show up at the coffee shop in Davis where we had agreed to meet , I found a copy of a Lee child book, and decided to read and have some coffee.

Someone left a little present in the book, maybe that was there idea of an Easter egg. Who know, I could not help feel that it was a very not “Reacher” thing to do.

But Erin was not much more late then myself, so it worked out well.


      1. I’m sure it won’t go to waste – somebody was probably quite thrilled to discover that little treasure. Keep Steve or Bob in mind for the next time you find something like that.

      1. Any time. I have a hard time sorting through Tad’s blogs to make sense because he jumps around more in time then the movie looper. He doesn’t have any that I could remotely promote because he uses 1 for one like any and r for are, etc. It makes it incredibly hard for me to read because it’s annoying.

      2. You should try reading his arguments for how he is a great friend. It’s painful. I doubt he will ever get around to answering the response Lisa sent him

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