No reason to fuss much.

Fresh off my humiliation from my inability to creat tortillas, I decided to still fry and create a low carb Keto friendly breakfast that was not scrambled eggs.

I used thin egg white skins called creapeins or something equally dumb .

But they made really cool wraps, that were not unlike breakfast enchiladas .

Spinach, tomatoes , cilantro and some beef, along with cheese and some green dragon sauce from Trader Joe’s, went into the filling.

Then it was just a case of filling then up and rolling them

The left over ” filling ” just got drizzled over the top and then it was time to eat.

Nothing to fuss about..

The recipe says it’s it only easy to make but produces the best low carb tortillas around.

What I ended up with was not the worst pancakes I have ever made. Truthfully they were the best low carb pancakes I have ever had.

But seeing as I don’t much like pancakes, and rarely eat them this is a somewhat less the excellent outcome.

I was really hoping for tortillas, but my next experiment might be better.

That neck twisty thing horses tend to do .

A couple of days ago I saw these two horses standing close to the fence with there necks looking all twisted and interlocked. It was very cute, and sadly something that happened at thirty miles an hour on my drive home one night, and in a moment of personal pain that still bothers me , which is also to be a fun episode of one of my personal nightmares, something I like to call ” oh look your camera battery is dead”

So I have been taking an exit which aside from being a very nice exit, is not the one I normally take going to work and when I remember on my way home.

So far the horses have not been anywhere near as cute as before.

There are some nice flowers, which with a bit of creative multi filtering , and no small amount of luck can be a sort of nice water color effect.

My first attempt to Keto.

I don’t know how much traction I am going to get from the idea of “trying to go keto” however there are some simple staples of of my diet that will be easier than others to make.

Stir fried chicken thighs, with veggies. Seems to be my first step.

Second step will be a variety of salads for work, along with fried rice style cauliflower.

Scrambled eggs with a bit of meat and some green onions along with some clarified butter. Is second simple non carb thing to eat.

After that I don’t know. To be honest the whole Keto thing has mostly been an exercise in my mourning all the things I won’t be able to eat.

But we will see what happens.

Stay tuned..

Lazy Saturday thus far.

Woke up late today , and decided to make breakfast seeing as I did not need to go to work today.

The last time I was at grocery outlet I got great green onions, and some organic eggs.

Both of which went into today’s scramble.

Crispy bacon , Tators tots and some stir frying was all it took to make a great breakfast.

Now if I can find a way to keep my room cool today.

Friday night lite..

Friday I got out of work to a few texts from my landlord.

I will be clearing up the garage soon. Please do not put any of ur stuff n garage, I will trash things that’s not mine. My cousin will be renting the masters bedroom n she has lots of furniture n stuff to store there plus I’m putting a car inside….. it will be full. Thanks.

None of the roommates who responded were very happy about the idea of her cousin living here.

Last time she was here Lorna, the landlord texted me about how she was unhappy about the cat running around free after Vicky and her had an agreement . That agreement was that faith could not be free range when no one was home. Coming over to find that Vicky was gone and that the cat was roaming around was not the best

The cat trying to climb into her purse repeatedly, and digging at the carpet with her claws did not do anything to change her mind.

The way Lorna was shaking her head at the cat was enough to make me think the cat looked guilty.which is funny all on its own.