Sonic infection

A hospital-acquired infection (HAI), also known as a nosocomial infection, is an infection that is acquired in a hospital or other health care facility. … Though the patient may have contracted the infection from their own skin, the infection is still considered nosocomial since it develops in the health care setting.

My most resent trip to the hospital on Monday after work was fairly positive. All the tests came out well, and there was no real trauma involved.
However I feel like I have picked up a sort of mental nosocomial infection,
Something about the time has made me feel very down, and the metronomic tone from the heart monitor reminded me of the time I spent in the hospital, and has found its way into my dreams in the same way a sinister door opening noise from a movie might.

For the last two days every bad dream has had that same sound repeating during all of he scary parts.

It’s weird and I don’t know how to shake it, but I am working on it.

Something I got in the mail.

Mr.K accuses Mr. Roberts of going through other people’s belongings in the main office and does not like when he is alone in the R2 unit as Mr. K has stated that Mr. Roberts has taken supplies without authorization but has failed to show proof of such accusations. He gives Mr. Roberts the farthest location on the Facility as to keep him away from the office as much as possible even though Mr. Roberts has asked numerous times to be cycled into a different unit so he does not have to walk so far for meetings as he has mobility difficulties. I have been around when Mr. Roberts has asked for certain supplies and he was told no because they were just given the same supplies even though I was witness to them being used in alarm situations after inmates have either cut themselves or failed to adhere to officers demands and spray was utilized. Mr. K goes out of his way while I was employed under him as the custodian supervisor 2 to make . Roberts time at the job a hard and strenuous time in hopes that he quits.

I am now a custodian with the Department of General Services because Mr. K failed to give me training and advice in which jeopardized my employment as a custodian supervisor 2 because I could not do my job properly with no training.

Mr.K is biased and judges employee performance off inmates here say instead of supervising and inspecting units as to see how he employees are doing. Mr. K gossips about employees to inmate staff and other lower ranked custodians about supervisor staff as I over heard him speaking about me and failing my probation for no reason making up reason in which to get someone he knew in to the position I was holding.

Mr. K harasses, intimidates and pressures employees to speak up about other employees to try and gain dirt against others and then tells the employees who told him the details as to turn everyone against each other.

Mr. K is unfit to be in a management position as he fails to give training to custodians that don’t know the entire job and then documents them as failing to follow directions which turns into write ups. Mr. K forces employees to do special projects not under the contractual agreement with CDCR and CALPIA and uses those projects to judge employees on their performance.

Mr.K knows his paperwork and his policies and guidelines, but Mr.k does not know how to run a crew or orchestrate the work to be done in a fair, timely and safe manor inside the prison facility. Mr.Knox is not a custodian supervisor 3 that can make tough decisions in regards to the work needed done and the work wanting done. I was under Mr.Knox for 8 months exactly and it was a great learning experience on things not to do when being a supervisor.

Mr. Roberts is on time daily and leaves on time daily. He is very knowledgeable and teaches the inmates daily on what they need to know, the only issues I had with Mr. Roberts at the time I was supervisor over him was his work ethic, it needed a push, he needed motivation and the management staff before I was hired was nowhere to be found for what I was told, no good jobs,no excellent work, just disciplinary action when non threatening mistakes were made with paperwork.

My name is K R (blocked for privacy reasons)

I am best reached by email

As far as mondays go.

My day started with walking into my work area to find the remains of a crime scene.

Oddly enough you don’t get a lot of caution tape and large blood spills at my work, considering it’s a prison crisis facility.which makes a sort of sense, when you think about it .

It’s like the idea of graveyards being haunted, by the time things get to this point most of the “crime stuff ” is if not long gone, then mostly In was he past.

So from what I could pit together with the available clues it seems someone smashed a smash proof window. And the resulting blood in the cell started there.

The large pool of blood most likely came from the officers attempts to secure the person before they could preform medical treatment.

What puzzles me is the orange jumpsuit that was used to cover the pool of blood.did the inmate bleed all over it and someone figured, “why not just leave it here in this pool of blood?”

Sadly my day did not improve much from there.

The highlight of my night was that after talking to a kaiser nurse, who recommended just going to the hospital for an ekg, that my Roomate knocked on my door and asked if I could help him with something.

The something turned out to be a rather fearsome looking cut on his finger that he wanted to close useing superglue.

Seeing as I was wearing my work pants I dipped my hand into my thigh pocket and grabbed some gloves, and while he was telling me what he planned on doing, I gloved up.

Putting on and changing a pair of nitrile gloves is something I do dozens of times a day, I know that after doing if for so long at work , I have the smooth rhythm of a long time smoker engaging his addiction.

So glueing his finger was fairly simple, and of course my I am superglue free.

Which I pointed out to him , when he asked if I was worried that he had some horrible condition.

I was tempted to say I knew his taste in girls, but instead just smirked and said” I don’t like getting super glue on my hands, and this way I don’t get glue fingers.

So now I sit in a kaiser waiting room knowing that my E.K.G is normal. And that any moment. Now they are going to come and stick me and take blood, one of my all time lest favorite things.

Praying to an odd god.

I was recently reading a book where the author talks about some of the many types of ruins along the coastal midlands of Britain, and that the easiest way to start an argument amongst historians was to raise the subject Of what the ruins were used for.

I would like to assemble a think tank to ask what this sort of thing is for.

Modern art?

Offering to the mechanic God’s?

Fertility ?

Who knows ?