Long week …

The field of sunflowers near my house looks kind of wilted and beleaguered.that’s how I feel actually after my week. With the temperatures in the hundreds and the wildfires making the air around my work foul and almost not breathable it was a very long week indeed.

I’ve been doing this keto diet for a couple of weeks and I have been doing it well let’s actually called it a week and some change the first week I think maybe I wasn’t doing it as well as I could have as it turns out there’s massive old iMessage really never been my strong suit the idea of counting carbs kind of depends on you know understanding serving size having ratios and bunch of other stuff that I just really don’t have a obviously if I was good at this sort of thing I would have been more successful at dieting in the past.

For a while now I’ve been sticking to the new Trinity of dieting .

A. No sodas.

B. Limit fast food .

C. Limit carbs.

So now with the keto diet I am basically just upping my diet game I am cooking almost all my own food and I am watching how many carbs I have. It’s challenging and part of the reason why it’s so challenging for me it’s because well honestly I eat a lot of carbs.

It would be entirely possible to picture me standing in front of a group of people drinking coffee and saying hello my name is Michael I’m a Carboholic . And having everyone say hello Michael.

I decided to start trying the keto diet because I was feeling a bit worn down and my mother told me about a neighborhood been doing it for a while and he lost like 80 pounds.

I don’t care about fast weight loss I just remember from the Kaiser healthy weight program class that if I can lose like 10% of my body mass I will notice quite a bit of positive results so that’s kind of what I’m shooting for right now.

I’m also sticking with my new motto which is I’m kind of like cold pizza

sure I could be hotter but I’m still pizza.

Laptop blues…

My time spent at Starbucks was less productive then i could have been, for some reason my computer decided that it was no longer working.

The laptop is nothing special, it isĀ  just a average Lenovo that is semi rugged. But I happen to like it , since it is mine and all. I hope it decideds to reconsider and power up later .

Keto is hard …

For the last two weeks I have been doing my best to eat keto only foods. It has been a lot harder then i thought it was going to be .No so much a question of will power or even laziness, in my case the hardest part is that i dont eat much other than non keto food.

The average meal that i would normally have for lunch for example is around 84 to 100 carbs.

I could easily see myself standing in a dim room in front of a group of people and saying Hi I’m MICHAEL and i am a carbo o Holic , if there is such a thing .

Making my own food have been good on its own, not eating s much fast food was also a good step. Of course no sodas, is also a good step.

It seems that low carb is the newest in the trinity of weight loss.

No fast food

No soda, even diet

Hardly any carbs.

Like i said it has been a very hard two weeks so far,

Today i feel like i have started to win the war, at lest a fairly important battle.

Yesterday I responded to on of those silly junk sort of pop up ads, that told me that there are a number of really good things i could eat at Trader Joe’s that are low carb.

With a little cross checking on google, i found low carb tortillas that are easy to find at my local walmart.

My breakfast today was a trio of savory breakfast burritos made from eggs, cheese cauliflower and tomatoes, as well as bell peppers, and celery , along with some herbs, and salsa.

This is strange…

So I got this movie ad in my Facebook.

And I noticed at the end where it said you can get this movie in a bunch of places, iTunes, Microsoft movies ect. And I noticed that hoopla was also there.

So I got the movie, to my hoopla account.

Not so cool Keto bread

My attempts at using coconut flour , were a little less than stellar.

The taser was okay, but I have not toasted it like I did the other one as of yet, the main complaint I have so far is the over all size. The exact same thing made with almond flour was much bigger,

So tomorrow I am going to try the original recipe again, and use the same size “pan” as I did tonight and compare the two.

So far this ranks about as high as my attempt to make Keto friendly tortillas, or as I like to say that time I made not to horrible pancakes that were healthy, and if I was the sort to actually like pancakes, would not have been half bad.

Which as far as kitchen failures, goes is not that bad.

One of my inmate workers used to say of any screw up .

No harm,

No foul,

No blood ,

No ambulance.

Which is not a motto I use all that much in my own life, however. And there is almost always an However.

If one screws up in the kitchen, and no one pukes, or goes to the hospital, and there is not need for a activated charcoal, or an epi pen.

Then it’s all just a learning experience.

Clean sweep…

My landlord sent me a few texts the other night.

I did not get them untill the next mourning, but I thought it was weird.

I thought the part where I told her that my room was. Not smelling up the house, and that Elias had never noticed, not had Jeremey

Her responce was to say even if the problem was not my room, then let’s work on the problem anyway.

To me that is really strange.

I think what happened was the pot head complained about me , because she got caught doing all the things she does wrong.

Who knows.

It was a good excuse to clean my room.

One of my roommates was moving out today, but he could not take his vacuum cleaner.

So I emptied it and then used it on my room.

Which was fun, I like useing a vac with a bottle you can see fill up with filth.