New tires for the bike

Both of the friends who I thought might have taken me last week to look at cars is still either busy or in one case awol.
So I doubt my transport will be changing anytime soon.

So the idea that my bike should have good tires and be as easy to ride as possible.
To that effect I now have slicks, and the tubes to go with them.
Portland bikes sent them early and now the bike is much faster.
I am still out of shape and it sucks to have to bike everywhere.
But it’s the little things sometimes, and today is one of those days….


When I am shopping in Wal-Mart and I see this sort of scene I think what sort of nut job does this and why.
And I think Justine s justification
Which is like oscams razor.
It states that all things being equal.
The answer is customers be stupid.
Is most likely the correct answer.

Of course if I get eaten by a dinosaur wearing bling shades , then serves me right….