On one hand

Drinking twelve Cups of water in a day I should be good.
But the smog place had the sort of tiny cups you use with children who need to take medicine.

So while I feel like I could still be parched, the math does not help me much.

The smog test guys seems nice.

The smog test guy seems nice enough but his strange east European accent make me think of him more as a lab helper to a scary movie mad scientist, then any kind of technical guy.

Which may be unfair of me but this place like the last car shop place I went into also has air conditioning of the does not freaking exist variety.

If the car passes this test, and as the sign so eloquently sated I have to pay either way. My bank account may have 100 bucks in it to last me till the first

The other day I was perplexed.

I left my room to discover a very strong smell in the house.
I could not say if it was a good smell or a bad smell right away.
It was clearly either food or something that would be considering me food.
So I wandered around u till I could decide that it was good.

My roommate was cooking something and I finally asked him if I could try it.
But I did not want to know what it was first.
Turns out it was brussel sprouts, seasoned and then fried after they were wrapped in bacon.

I have a theory.

Wrapped in bacon equals amazing, it’s practically mathematical in its simplicity.

Found this pen and it seems to work well

There are birds singing and it’s no longer too hot to stand, feels like a good summer night to just sit in the park and chill.
However I don’t have a beverage, with which to toast my good luck.
And I think I may have to leave soon.

My day at work was weirdly horrible, I say weirdly horrible because I had training for about four hours of my day.
And that part was kinda fun, in a mind numbing way.

Because I work in a prison the state makes me do certain trainings that are geared towards either medical workers or custody workers.

While it is interesting to learn about stuff Like use of force, or my part to play in the drama that is prea.

Swimming untill my arms would not work.

Yesterday saw a bout of energy from me it might have been my great breakfast or the fact that it was an extra day off.
So I decided to put the energy to use I swam until my arms would not work anymore. Since the pool was not deeper than four feet it was perfectly safe and did not end in my drowning.

However today I am having trouble moving my arms.
Which makes diner an adventure..