Today I was give a three inch pile of papers that my boss wants me to correct.
How she expects me to make corrections to what my crew of inmates,hour by hour a month ago.

I have little to no idea what I was doing at 10 to 11 o’clock on a work day a month ago.
Little more then what each of one of the five inmates was doing each hour of the work day for a whole week

Needless to say it is not going to be fun
However it is good practice for when I got to school next.

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One of my lest favorite alarms

My roommate has decided that the best way to usher in the day is to stand in the back yard and throw knives at a target

The solid thunk thunk noise is quite a bit more annoying then any noise that might be on the back yard, the noise made by perfectly balanced knives hitting wood could be steady metronome like back ground him.

However for reasons know only to him he does not throw tomahawks, or spears or even spikes. What he throws is kitchen knives which he gets from the local thrift store.

The sound a badly made kitchen knife thrown with force at a stump of wood, sounds quite a bit like hitting one of those steal support Cords from a telephone pole with a hammer.

A twhong noise over and over again is one of my least favorite alarms.

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Mail …

The idea that the huge state agency that I work for would send me a written request to ask me if I am interested in applying for the job that I currently have makes me happy in a small way.

Now that the only person who I talked to on a daily basis my job is not as fun as it was.

Having him send me a photo of his copy of the same letter made me laugh.
Sadly that was the most I laughed today.