With the new weather my soup lust has stopped

Now that it is sunny and in the middle 70s with blue skys filled with mashed potatoe looking white clouds , my desire to cook healthy soups has wained.

I don’t want to lose my momentum
On my road to being more in shape.
However this last week I have the sort of cold that makes me think of bad fanfic about the end of the word from a zombie making plague.

The cold was not the sort of think that seems like it would kill me, but it was several steps higher on the yuck scale the the average sickness.

Without going into anymore disquesting details then necessary, I would say that the amount of phlegm I have been spitting out with the aide of lots of spicy foods and steam from the shower , had had me double checking that none of the chunks happened to be some internal organ ,or other piece of me that i might want to keep inside where it belongs.

Freakish weirdos.

All the stuffed animals in the gift shops all had these strangely large eyes.
I don’t know if it says more about me or the stuffed animals that I could never sleep in the same room as these creepy as hell stupid penguins

The idea of having a giant head as a pillow completely freaked me out.
How the hell does someone sleep with the crazy bird eyes looking at them?

My day…

Most of my weekends seem to be composed of me spending my time playing video games, and reading books.
But today I got to go on an adventure with Elmer and the crew to a tropical rain forest of all places.

Stalking butterflies is a great way to spend the day.