Late night shopping

Because black snacks matter.
For a long time there been a racial divide in the snack cake word.
Why is the white cake angel food cake?
Why is the darker chocolate cake called Devils food cake?
This is the start of snack cake equality.
Just saying.
9 out of 10 college professors of nutrition science agree with me.
And the 10 tenth professor keeps mubbleong something about the new gods, and the role of pandora in the Splenda paradox.So he is clearly a nut job.

The past behind me

On my way to work today , I clearly remember thinking I am sure glad this blog war is behind me.
So I was more than a little surprised to find my phone warning me of it’s low battery status.
It seems while I was working today, someone decided to “go all Gazza strip on my blog again.”

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get past things someone else said.

And I think everyone has had the, Damn it I wish I had said that earlier feeling. At lest once.

So I hope no one minds but I deleted, this latest round of the recrimination tango from my blog.

Hopefully it will make it easier to let it go.

However feel free to carry on, on any other media form in the entire world, for as long as you like.

I don’t feel I have to justify my my art to you Warren .

One of those days.

Today was a day when every plan I had did not work out as hoped.
Don’t know what to blame it on, but let’s just say if Today was an RPG, then not only did I put all my points in the wrong thing, but I rolled a lot of “1”s.

Today could be subtitled Critical failure day for the Mykl.

Glad it’s almost over.