The worst part.

The worst part of not feeling well , is if you sleep all day by the time you feel a little better
You are most likely going to be up all night.
Not sleeping.
Even if you feel betterish.
Oh well…
Sleep now work tommorpw

Stalker food…

Don’t get me wrong I like that there is something on the label, but when did it become cool to put creepy sayings ? Do I really need to know the green sauce wants me ?
Or that the volcano hot Sauce thinks I Have this covered?

Not happy

My new phone seems to be lacking whatever it is that makes the little click sound when you press in the SIM card.

I can press on it all day but it does not seem to click, after pal ring it in the pocket of my bag, it seems to no longer want to work.

Not exactly a rave review.

Hopefully I can get this fixed soon, and easily

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