When I am shopping in Wal-Mart and I see this sort of scene I think what sort of nut job does this and why.
And I think Justine s justification
Which is like oscams razor.
It states that all things being equal.
The answer is customers be stupid.
Is most likely the correct answer.

Of course if I get eaten by a dinosaur wearing bling shades , then serves me right….

Change change…Change…

This guy was outside the Fairfield gas station where I went for a soda.
He shouted change change change at me in a very loud violent way.
I was not sure if he was trying to get change from me or if he was doing a very punk rock version of chain of fools.
As a general rule I don’t that most crimes go well with show tunes.
Personally I don’t like ambiguity in my begging. sure I like a little story. But I draw the line at musical theatre.

So one my way back out past him he pointed at me and gave me a thumbs up and said "Thats right mother fucker you be the mother fucking master blaster and shit , dude rock the fuck on ."

Again I was not sure of the take away from that ,but by the time he started in on the change again, I just left.

However should I have the desire to be a Master blaster, I will do so with the knowledge that I am in fact apparently quite able to "Rock it"
Should I choose to, which I find oddly up lifting…

Coffee love…

For a while now I have been planning on making the pilgrimage to Temple Coffee at any one of its three different Sacramento locations.

I have come close a couple of times but never quite made it.

Sunday James told me that the newest Temple location opened in Davis.
There is a lot about Davis that is stupid and silly.
With it being often called the people’s republic of Davis, it often is way too liberal and self important to me.
But it is like an hour closer to my house .
So I will be going to Temple more often…