Almost done …

Making a quick scramble for breakfast gelt like a celebration. My last meds in the bottle calling to me to start my day of jitteriness.

The few days less than a week that I have had to take them was more than enough for me.i would hate to think of what a month would be like.

Soft opening

Showing up a mere fifteen minutes before the free burger day soft opening for the new habit, I expected that there would be a huge crowd.

Clearly at lest one other person thought so as well .

Nothing says don’t try and cut in line in fount of me like a freaking long sword.

Something they did not tell us was that we could add anything.

I found this out when I asked if I could buy a second burger, the manger informed me that they were not ready to deal with money today .

But in a few minutes she approached my table to ask if I wanted to order a burger to go home?

She told me in a conspiratorial tone, We don’t have anyone in line and since today is about practice, why not . And with that she handed me a second coupon.

I asked her, can I change things around or add stuff to the burger to make it more fun for her to add things in the register?

She said, go crazy add everything…

My second burger was a well crafted master piece in the form of lunch.

With a substation of mayo and mushroom, and avocado added. It took some time for the girl to key in correctly.

But it was completely worth it.

Lazy daze…

Last week I thought I might have a cold, or maybe allergies.quite the mystery.

Spoiler alert .

It was not a cold or allergies.

But rather a Viral infection which after some really good cough medicine, and no small amount of prednisone over the last few days, I do feel quite a bit better, however the drugs do have some fun side effects.

The major effect is that I feel like this cat all day, but it also makes me feel like I don’t need to sleep possibly ever.

Which is really a lot of fun. Normally not being able to sleep makes me feel like I am in a remake of an old twilight zone episode, or something . But rather then feeling like the last man awake on earth. I just feel like I am not going to sleep, and I am more or less okay with that. It’s kinda like a weird trade off , where I robs you of your ability to sleep, but it also gives you energy so you don’t really mind.

Of course tomorrow at work should be fun.

Chicken salad madness

When I was out of town with Elmer and his family. I made an off hand comment to Elmer’s lovely sister, who was trying to get someone else to peel the hard boiled eggs for a large batch of deviled eggs.

What I said was “Shame, you don’t have any avocado.” Her response was to almost shout out that she did in fact have avocado.

Which lead to me finally get to make avocado deviled eggs.

Or rather taking part in the making of. The end result was epic. So in that vain I am posting my very cool chicken salad in an avocado idea.

I am hoping that Ina Steves Shelly might want to try this one as well.

It’s fairly simple. Chicken either canned or left overs. With pepper and a little salt, some mayo and some hot pepper sauces , then some diced up cilantro and green onions. Then just add tomatoes, and in my case cheese as a garnish.

You know …

His voice came across my Bluetooth speaker in my cars front seat clear and loud.

Oh , the locals call that area the Devil’s Triangle. There is a semi feral homeless camp set up there. During the winter it’s got like maybe a hundred or so people down there, but in the summer there can be ten times that number.

I thought about the idea for only a few seconds before making a turn, and heading towards the area.

I did not head towards any camp but instead headed towards the old warehouse looking building.

There is quite a lot of good things to see.