Random stuff

Yesterday on my way out of work I chatted with a random stranger. He laughed at my jokes and told me to apply for a different job, one I have thought about before but never seem posted.
Looking up the job the posted date was the 26. And he said I should do it tonight. They literaly want to hire someone with half a brain and who is even willing to do a little work.
Two hours at The libuary computers and every attempt to fill out the test online was a crash and burn.
Used my old laptop , with its lack of mouse and I to small keyboard.
Three hours later.
Here’s to hoping 80 % is good enough.

Not much to say..

It’s been a while since Tad made his ridiculous audio letter to me, most of what he had to say was just a little on the crazy side.

Much of what Tad has said in the few responses that he did make, Left me speechless.

All of his responses from the crazy to the more mundane, have all had a common thread. That being, that I am not doing enough as Tads friend. And much like Tad’s other claim , That he has been bent over backwards to do stuff for me , there is no examples given. No “prof” or backing up things he has said .

He also conveniently seems to have deleted many of my emails, so he can’t be expected to comment on them.

So like I said I am waiting for him to make a better showing as it were before I decide to blog anything about it or to act.

It’s all very irksome, especially since one of the first things Tad said was that he was going to provide Lisa with a copy of the audio letter , but with some private stuff edited out. That way she could be a sort of disinterested third party.He of course was very confident about this, but he never did it. I think it has been a couple of weeks, delay

Honestly Tad’s most untreated response was when I said his “music” blog was not a really a music blog after all.

Which has been his main-delay in getting back to me , that it take up so much of his time and effort.

I don’t much care about Tad’s music blog under the circumstances, but even if I did I think it is a good thing to not get sidelined by it.

I don’t now who much longer I plan on waiting, both Lisa and Steve have said that Tad is quite adamant about me being the “villain ” of the story.

To quote Dave Mason .

There ain’t no good guy, there ain’t no bad guy

There’s only you and me and we just disagree

Omni guard

I tend to notice the names of things. So the idea that this thing will protect you from everything is funny to me .

Don’t get me wrong it seems to be doing a good job protecting the bathroom from smelling badly, and good job and all.

However it seems like it would do a bad job of guarding from everything else.

Like .

Polar bears.

Not flossing.

Voter fraud.

Poison ivy being to near a nudist campground.

Just to name a few.

It’s okay to name your stuff a little bit better than it is but come on ? Guards from everything ? How about Omni smell guard?

That I could get behind. Just saying.