Not much going on today

I spent a long time trying to craft a perfect looking omlette today. However it fell apart at the last second.Which is okay it still tasted great, it just did not look as cool as it could have.

So I decided to photograph my dinner which is a serious in of orange beef, with onions and carrots, on a bed of peas instead of rice.

Tommorow I will be working on the next omelette.

Moving daze

For the first time in three moves, I do not have to worry about getting tired of that I mean there is always a point when I look at my stuff and all the boxes and such. And say ” I have enough stuff for now” and then I just start stuffing things under the bed and in closets, etc.

This time since I am still off work until June, I can take the time to dust things off and make a choice as to if I need it or not.

I have stuff going to storage, and some things going to good will.

Packing by fire..

As always cleaning would be much easier if I could do it with fire but I can’t so I am such a mess.I am packing things and tomorrow I will be moving to a new city it’s not very far away but it will still be a new place. Very exciting.