Laura and zombies

I asked laura to pose by the zombie girl from the walking dead, while we were in the Halloween store.
She did some cute here is my little buddy poses, which i thought were dumb.
Then she got distracted, taking a photo of the two of us and a zombie was perfect.
If ever there was a girl who would be distracted while a zombie walked up to me and took a bite out of me, it would be her.
Sometimes i wonder what she is up to.
I put that thought along other things that i dont need to know, like how hot dogs are made.

After the cops have been out two times in two days, it sucks that my other roomate got kicked out.

Kurt spent the day fileing papers with the california renters people and hud, and he found a number of things my house manager is not doing that is legal.
Not to mention sane.
One of them is to attack said roomate while he was filming the whole thing on his camera phone.
Saddly his phone was damages in the attack and it did not record the who incident.
This will not change the other factors, however if i feel the need to "film tony " when i present him with bad news, then i will make sure that i don’t do it while on film,unless i happen to also be on line with 911 like kurt was.
So it seems the threats were recorded, by 911
This is all just to much, and moving out will be done before long.
And who knows there may be a court date in my future.

Diet daze

Diets suck ,but it seems like protein. Is the key to my happiness.
However my lack of sugar and mtvdew as a drug of choice ,equals a grouchy mikey.