Daze off…

Spending part of my day off drinking coffee and rediscovering the long goodbye.
Dispute it’s being very dated.
You just can’t go wrong with tough guy fiction.
On a hot sunny day hanging in a peets and enjoying the sort of tight banter and great verbage, that in this day of lol , and yolo, is sorely Lacking.

So glad I ate insane amounts of sushi…

Not as happy about the amount of sushi I ate yesterday,now that I am taking an online safe food handlers class.

Not gonna lie fast food is not looking so good right now…

Let alone that a badly cleaned ice tea containers ability to kill me is legendary.

Thanks go to Michael….

I don’t talk much about my friend Michael.
Mostly because I often sound like I am talking about my self in the third person.
Which is always bad.

But it turns out copious amounts of sushi were what was needed to make my day better.
So my thanks go to her.
And now I have to sleep.

On one hand

Drinking twelve Cups of water in a day I should be good.
But the smog place had the sort of tiny cups you use with children who need to take medicine.

So while I feel like I could still be parched, the math does not help me much.