Book find

Waiting for Erin to show up at the coffee shop in Davis where we had agreed to meet , I found a copy of a Lee child book, and decided to read and have some coffee.

Someone left a little present in the book, maybe that was there idea of an Easter egg. Who know, I could not help feel that it was a very not “Reacher” thing to do.

But Erin was not much more late then myself, so it worked out well.

Water Color Sunrise

I woke up to the sounds of the clash doing rock the casbah, which is a perfectly fine way to start the day.

Leaving the house I discovered a water color sunrise, it was subtle. The colors were muted and looked like they had been painted by on of those water color masters. The colors were so soft looking that if you could touch it, it would be soft.

Over drawn blues.

Some of my most inventive food creations happen when I am broke and have limited food options.

Tonight’s dinner is a one of the better examples.

Earlier this week I decided to clean out my freezer, with a little mixed bbq. Basically I cooked all the left over frozen meat in the extra space in the fridge that will belong to my newest Roomate after the first.

I like goldfish then to expand to fill my environment, at lest as far a domestic fridge storage options go.

So I needed to clear some space which works out well seeing as my account is .98 cents overdrawn. .98 cents appears to be a number below the threshold where the bank will charge me. Which is both nice and weird.

It’s like the bank wants to inform me I am broke, but instead of adding the insult to injury, that is the typical overdraft fee, they just feel sort of sorry for me. Which in many ways is worse.

So some burgers, two different kinds to more exact. And some chicken that I am embarahed to say came from three different bags, all to small to make meal out of , and a bbq sauce that I am never going to use if I don’t force myself to use will always be my se one choice.(Which to be honest is the only reason I still have it.that and it is a Costco size bottle that I got at grocery outlet for a couple bucks.)

So I basically combined some chicken thighs, along with a very eclectic mix of frozen veggies that do not go together in anyway at all.

However it worked well.

Even Vicky liked it , or at lest ate quite a lot of it.

Pick up line

One of my roommates informed me the other day that he had a New vacuum and that I was more than welcome to use it.

My first reaction after saying thanks was to wonder how often he thinks I clean the floor. I wanted to ask what in our year of living together has made you think I care enough about the floor in my room to use a second vac, when we have a perfectly good one provided to us by the landlord?

I was about to say no thank you when he walked away, this is not all that atypical for him, he seems to have a fairly limited ability to engage in small talk, preferring to discuss such some fairly limited topics with me, which all seem to include his somewhat bemused statement about how “bitches be crazy” which he states like a deeply held religious belief. And of course the ever popular “What is that you are cooking ?” So like I said I was not all that surprised.

I was surprised to find a somewhat impressive hover type machine sitting outside my door later that night, and was even more excited to discover that it was the kind of machine that is “bagless”.

I have nothing against bags, I tend to find bags very helpful in my day to day life. For example they make grocery shopping much more enjoyable. However having a plastic wind tunnel of filth that you can look into and see how dirty your life actually is, not only changes the drudgery of tiding up into a sort of game. But it can also be rather therapeutic.

Of course I fully emptied out the wind tunnel of filth, before I cleaned my room as I wanted to make sure my achievement was wholly my own.

So with dinner simmering on the stove, and with my iPod putting “Nina” Into my brain I happily danced around my room, happily singing along to the 10 minute 38 second version of Sinnerman.