Book stop

Hanging at Barnes and Nobel today was a nice change of pace.
The cafe of course is nothing compared to how borders was, for example there are no power plugs anywhere except for the ones needed to run the place
Also the coffee is from Starbucks , but it’s not Starbucks. They don’t use the same gift cards, or have the same food.

It it was still books, coffee , and magazines. which is always a good time

For the first time I used the scanner part of the goodreads app
It was surprisingly easy to scan the bar codes,and then add them to my to read lists.
Hopefully there will be time to read those books, possibly on my down time at my hopefuly new job


The idea of going back to work tommorow is not a particularly happy one for me.

Two weeks ago after being sick for a week and trying to work anyway, my doctor put me on some steroids.
I may not be a gym rat and may never care about the perfect body, but even if I did. Steroids that the muscle freaks take must be different, or there is something seriously wrong with those people.


So wandering around downtown I could not help thinking that it would be fairly easy to not so much change jobs as just transfer to somewhere other than working under LeRoi.
Now I am thinking it would be just as easy to get a different job.
I have been looking all week and wondering about different possibility better paying gigs.


Walking around the city with Justin has really driven into my head how out of shape I currently am.
Partly I can blame it on my lack of movement for two weeks due to breathing troubles.
But really my fat ass does just not do enough exercise and I eat way to much…

City stuff

I often forget how cool it it to be in a city with a skyline.
Walking around with Justin in down town, is tiring since my lungs are still not happy, but it’s still good.

Something odd.

It’s not that I hate my life.
It’s that I currently,
Have to choose between breathing easily.
Or being able to sleep.
Both do not seem to be an option.

Daze off


Today I woke up late and took more of the great and scary sleep stealing drugs.
My phone says no calls so far, and no texts.
So nothing from work,and a simple choice or rather it would be a choice to be faced in a few days.
In a few days  I will have to decide what to do.
To figure out not only what I would like to do, but more importantly what I plan on fighting for.
Or if I plan to fight?
All that.

Comes later.
Today I just need to decide what to eat, and when sleep and take my meds.