Falling into fall

Riding to the local Starbucks seems like a cool way to get exercise and to save money on gas.
My local bucks has a jazz thing going on most days, which makes it a cool choice to listen to while having an audio book playing.
The ride here was hard but doable, I am not sure if my cardio is more to blame or my butt.
The lack of muscle between my butt and the bike seat is a problem.

Coffee stuff

So you would think after yesterday’s coffee mishap I would have gotten a supply of coffee filters.
However with my funds being what they are, I thought shipping might not be the best of ideas.
I rarely go to the store without buying quite a lot more then I would have planned on.
So today I used two napkins as a make shift filter.
However there seems to be some kind of connection between the number two, and the fact that two napkins seems to have done the job.
The number two being the number on the coffee holder.