Yesterday I saw at the kitchen table and drank most of a 1.5 litter bottle of water.
Then I saw for a few minutes.
Then drank the rest.
The water was so cold I felt it going down, I guess I don’t drink enough.
Seeing as I am going to the old prison area today, the place where the water tastes like it comes from a rusty spigot attached to a garden hose.I should take some with me.

New tires for the bike

Both of the friends who I thought might have taken me last week to look at cars is still either busy or in one case awol.
So I doubt my transport will be changing anytime soon.

So the idea that my bike should have good tires and be as easy to ride as possible.
To that effect I now have slicks, and the tubes to go with them.
Portland bikes sent them early and now the bike is much faster.
I am still out of shape and it sucks to have to bike everywhere.
But it’s the little things sometimes, and today is one of those days….