As I get ready for bed

After making dinner tonight, which was in itself a victory.
I discovered that devon had dumped three cans of tuna in the recycling bin without a bag.

I relocated Jeremy’s note to the two door handles to his room, and put the cans in a bag. With instructions turns that if there is no trash bag then take the stupid cans outside to the trash can.

We also had a group message from the landlord to please stop hoarding dishes in our rooms,by our rooms I am sure she means Devon.

It’s time to let it go and try and relax.

I would like to leave a sign.

That says I was born on the counter of stupid and lazy,

And you are making me feel homesick.

On my door.

But I digress.

Mourning sky

The sky on my way to work, was really amazing .

It’s always hard to go into prison, when the very sky itself shows how much more is out there.
But it’s a job for now.
And more important today I walked 7113 steps.
That is close to triple what my average count was for most of my recovery days.
Plus once I pay all my bills each month, there will be more money left over than the amount I get for disability in total.
So that will be good.

I am excited to see what happens next.

Wondering how long

Yesterday’s note left for the lazy Roomate, has done little.
I am wondering how long the dishes will be left.
Seeing as there is a shirt left outside the front door to the house for a week.
I am not hopeful.
Until the landlord is expected again.
I doubt there will be any progress.

The Roomate who left the note might have something to say about it.

First day of prison

My first day back to work was incredibly tireing.

My fit bit says 7356 steps or 3.34 miles.
This is about triple my "normal " recovery days activity.

If one was going to pick a good day to go to prison, a day when it is 110 would not be the next choice.
Oh and the power went out .
So all in all it was a day.