Using a tooth brush ..

Using a toothbrush to clean the fridge that has taken up residency in the garage,was surprisingly tiring.

Which is weird as there is no reason that cleaning the fridge with a toothbrush should seem like anything short of a legendary task.

Ok it’s not clean out the stables with the ocean, but still.
Freaking toothbrush, and. Not one of those new bionic ones, but rather a standard nothing cyber model.

That kinda day…


A lie is like a cheap bottle of wine from a cheap liquor store,

It don’t cost much at the time but it burns as it goes down,

And you know you’re gonna pay, later you say now it’s ok,

But as hard as you swallow you can’t shake the taste,

The acid and the after thought churning in your belly,

the buzz becomes a fly in your brain and you feel grey the next day,

And it leaves you with nothing but regrets

From owning my mistakes.

yeah it was that kind of day.

Stupid cow

Chick Fillet had some kind of promo going on when I went there with Michael and her mom.
The cow suited person seemed to have a good time , which is important in a giant cow.

I always think of my friend Jen who had such a love of cows she got a cow tattoo,whenever I see the giant cow costume person.