Well it’s been two weeks.

Today my stress leave ends, it’s been two weeks and my time is up.
Going back to work is not a fun idea,
Much of what I had hoped to get done while I was off did not happen.
I did spend a few good days in sac, and have applied for a few jobs.
So it was not a total loss.

The fact that my boos had a supervisor call me just to tell me that I was lacking sick time so my two weeks off will be unpaid , is just the sort of thing I can expect.

Being gone gave me sometime, it allowed me to send in some whistle blower type stuff to the state, and osha.

Which may or may not have had an effect by now.

Sitting in the group listening to him talk about why people stay in crappy jobs, really sucked for me .
None of the stuff he talked about applied to me.

There is no huge status, power ,or prestige with my job.

The reason I am there still is simple, I lack the courage to really go and find something better.

That is the take away from job stress group.

Not sure…

For some reason I keep doing photos of my breakfast
Maybe it’s that I think a cool photo is the best way to start the day.
All to often it seems like the only thing I blog for the day.
Either I have to live a better story, or blog more often.
Today’s breakfast was a simple affair.
Eggs and roast with eggnog in my coffee, and avocado and whipped cream cheese mix.
Simple but good.

Photo blues

. Sometimes when you ask people for advice on how to do something they end up telling you all this is how you do it and they often say things like that simple just do it well I am NOT a natural organic found my mom was a pack rat I don’t really organize my stuff well so I’m reading a book about organizing stuff and hell of a tempting to do some of her things but after spending time in Sacramento and photographing things for the last few days I’ve been attempting rather painfully to organize my digital life I have for example 300 gigs of music now that’s 300 gigs of music is not actually 300 gigs of music just like the 250 gigs or 500 gigs of photos not really 500 gigs of photos is it’s music and photos and different files and they are backed out and then their backups I’m partial backups and then back to cups
. So the best way I can describe my problem is this the book says if you go to organize stuff put everything of a certain type in one area and then organize from there so you don’t organize all your socks that are in one room when your socks in another room and then maybe there’s a few socks another drawer over here so for me the way I am attempting to do it and then I’m going to dump all the Fox for my own on the floor and then decide where they go and then we’ll be one place and before the socks go there I will throw away all the ones that are ribs are stained or whatever so I will decide what sucks I’m going to keep then I’ll decide what sucks where I’m going to keep this sucks pretty simple

So the digital version of that is I take all the fun out of the bunch of different drawers and I got them on the floor I’m not a pro tomorrow and a drawer and then want to do that I open the door and I know what this how it’s another drawer and that drawer contains an entire another closet hello I have to take on the side of the closet everything out of that too and then I’m sorting the socks I will reach in with socks and find what an entire another closet which is another closet and then a foreclosure so I’m running into music and movie files I’m running into Photos in files are labeled something different I’m running into just it’s true that lets just say its hard its hard and it’s taking me a long time is very frustrating and that’s exactly the sort of thing I’m just not good at
I’m not I’m not cooking and whether I’m going to keep stuff while I’m not going to keep stuff I’m not even trying to put together a portfolio I’m just trying to put all the pictures and one pile and all the music and another pile and all the TV show and movies and another file yeah ultimately I’m going to have to get these files under control and if I have 500 gigs of music I probably will really have 250 gigs of music 500 gigs of photos is probably have 206 gigs of photos I want to get rid of all the duplicates and backups in the back up to the backups and at this point what I really want more than anything else is to just collect all the photos I’ve taken and put them in one pile and then go through them deciding what to keep and what to throw away.

Hiya I was recently talking to someone and she said that she has translate a couple hundred pictures of Eric on her computer and there in different places and she can’t find the mall so she’s trying to delete them as she runs into them and I’m thinking to myself you have a couple hundred pictures of Attack there was a girl I met on Craigslist I seen her 3 times 4 times I think I have sixty pictures of her

I’ve got several hundred pictures of coffee drinks I’ve had I mean a couple hundred pictures.
What a burden..
The last girl who broke my heart probably has 10 to 15 gigs of space on my hard drive z photos/video hide videos photos of things we did Place went restaurants with hang out I mean she I don’t even know what to do with all the stuff and that’s the thing I’m not even though I’m not for example to get rid of all the pictures of my I’m not even do that know what I’m going to do is I’m going to get rid of all the duplicate pictures of my ex and all the pictures of my ex and pictures in folders of pictures of my cat and I’m going to try to put them all in the same place if I have a 510 gigs of pictures of the last girl I dated then that’s really probably going to be like a good solid 7/8 gigs of files that there’s at least a good chance that half of it is duplicates maybe maybe a little less maybe a little more whatever but if you figure I got 200 pictures of coffee drinks well I had well and how many times do I have duplicates of few things like my entire trip to Santa Barbara or Christmas in 2012 yeah that can add up.

I don’t even get me started on photography or someone’s going to pay me or its a favor last time it took a picture of a of a girl playing model who just want a good pictures of herself I shot an easy 250 pictures 300 pictures and the couple hours so oh yeah but my friend Eric who is not too girly photogenic but I have not talked to in years Eric was kind of like a sidekick for a while so I have a good 20 gigs of stuff with them in their videos of us doing goofy stuff nerf war playing with the dog driving places going to the beach yes there is so much stuff.

Wandering around the city

I was in sac for a few days with Justin and the lovely Julia. The plan wasn’t necessarily for me to take pictures its just I always bring my camera with me and there are several things in Sacramento very interesting to see at night I also like exploring the city looks like exploring anywhere now and even though I’ve lived near Sacramento for a number of years I never lived downtown or any we’re closer than the suburbs.

There’s a lot of strange beauty to the night and I am a fan of urban decay I liked it Sacramento is such a borderland that you have 18th century Victorian houses in the shadow of ultra modern skyscrapers and small weird exclusive neighborhoods that are built around streets that don’t have any access you have million-dollar mansions right down the block from massive industrial type design buildings with graffiti art there seems to be almost a narrative about the city
There are a lot of people that are homeless in Sacramento and we did not even go to the areas that are homeless refuge areas as it were these are just the almost spillover homeless people there are a lot of them
And it could be my approachability but many of them talk to me which that could just be a function of me what am I trying not to think so whenever I’m in the city which is San Francisco to nom Bay Area folks I’ve noticed a difference in the there certain areas particularly in the drawing a blank on what the Gary is that’s not a joke
. I first noticed it in an area that was a Jason to the predominantly gay neighborhood in that if there was one is the one more element added that made a difference all the homeless people seem to interact in a different space in the business people walking around and they didn’t interact they just avoided each other like how I put your neutrons not running into each other or Adams bouncing around like they occupy the same space and I’m sure there were aware of each other and all but up but if I was watching them for long. Of time and I saw a homeless people just become disc Emporia Land walkthrough the regular citizens and less or so I would have been surprised that’s what that seem like and the only reason I noticed it was because there were groups of same-sex couples like walking around holding hands being with an animated and they were the one extra step because then the business type people and the homeless interacted didn’t interact with them either so then so that was a three way deal then you had the business people the homeless people and they gave all that interact with each other and that’s what made it totally obvious I don’t get that feeling here in Sacramento it’s almost as if the homeless people have reached a critical mass
And it not as if this is  an East Coast place this is not somewhere where it’s going to snow in all the homeless people are going to die but it is a place where it gets cold, and is not sunny all the time .  last night it rained so there were a few  definitely soggypiles of   blankets on park benches, almost looking  like a performance art piece, sadly however

For the people huddled under them it was not .