Not my coolest Saturday…

Spending four hours in the emergency room, to find out that nothing is wrong with me.

Feeling crappy for a few days led me to call the advice nurse,which lead to an on the phone interview. Which lead to the doc suggesting I drop by the urgent care and get checked out.

I don’t have a list of things I want to do, but if I did I can almost say for sure that the list would be clear of any entry’s that say . Drop by the urgent care to get checked out.

But on the plus side .

All the blood tests were fairly easy.

Looking at my arm and seeing the huge blood bruise left from the blood draw, you might think that It was a horrible time.

But the truth was the blood taking girl, did a really good job.

So in a few days I will learn about my iron levels, and my thyroid.

Daze off

For the last few days at work between thirty percent and seventy percent of my fellow employees have called in sick or been on vacation.

Thursday I was the only supervisor working. Which is not the best way to run the place , no question.

Friday I had a coworker, who went home at noon , and the replacement lead they sent to help out , stayed for exactly twenty seven minutes before having to go attend to an emergency. which left me again alone with a couple of inmates, trying to clean the whole place again.working the extra hours to try and catch up.

So far my only accomplishment has been breakfast.

Don’t know how much I plan on getting done today .which is okay .

Being seen….

Watching the bird look around . I noticed the exact frame when the bird noticed me before flying away.

I tried to frame where I thought the bird would be,but the bird was fast.

Just a blur of feathers and speed. Climbing fast away from me to soar gracefully above untroubled by what was happening dirt-side.