Lucky Lawless

Devon asked me to take him to Walmart today for groceries.
With the vague promise of “buy you something” I was in for the trip.
Most of the time Devon is the worst passenger,Most of the time he just plugs in his phone and it’s like I am his employee or something.
Today he spent most of the drive from Walmart telling me about the new laws we are going to have in California.
He is very excited about, weed being legal of course. Seeing as he keeps job hunting and keeps failing drug tests.
I myself would think just not smoking pot would be the best plan. But then again that is just me.
Most of the new laws seem stupid, Cars will be much more expensive to get tags for. Something like 175 buck more a year or something, which sucks clearly. However the huge news is apparently on ca employers will no longer be able to ask if you have a criminal record.
So California wants to restrict bullets, and guns. And oh by the way it will now be illegal for jobs to ask if you have a criminal record?
This seems like a weird thing, but since he is a sex offender I doubt it will exactly be the same.

I am still wondering what is going to happen with the whole Landlord finding out thing. Since she does not know he is on the list and that the other Roomate knows and did not tell her. Which also raises a very good question.
What if she rents to someone, and they don’t know. Heaven forbid she rents to someone not male, or with kids only part time.
Forget about having a kid live here, I think he would not mention it to them at all.
So of course I am hoping for cool changes in the new year.
There is quite a lot of factors for what is in flux either at the moment or is going to be.
Angelia who lives upstairs with Jeremey, keeps having huge fights with him and he kicks her out of the room, and then locks her out for the night. Not only does that suck on a boyfriend level. But since she pays half the rent, and in some cases it seems more than her fair share, How can you just lock her out? The answer is you can, but it will not be viewed as cool.
Not to mention the whole sleeping on the couch thing sucks, so if she needs to pee in the middle of the night she has to go use either the downstairs bathroom.
Which is the one that is always out of toilet paper because a certain stunner finds it easier to go and take paper from there instead of buying some.
The other option is to use the upstairs bathroom, clearly if potheads are to lazy to buy toilet paper then they are going to take a somewhat less then perfect approach to bathroom sanitation.
One of the funniest things about the Roomate’s upstairs is everyone of them has at sometime complained about the disquesting quality’s of the other members of the pee on the floor club.
I find it funny, and since I never have to use there bathroom it’s all good.I keep thinking I may go up and do a magnesium bath. But I would have to fully clean the tub first.
There have been very few times I have seen the bathroom, However the last time I went in there it looked like someone had been pissing in the tub.
So aside from all the bathroom related stuff. She has talked to me about her “Life “ a grand total of three times, each of those times three topics came up.
A. She has to stop living this way.
B. She needs to date someone who is an adult and not a man-child.
C. Being at her moms was not so bad.
She says these things each time we talk about anything.
Now granted we won’t talk a whole lot, but when you do she always seems to point out how living here sucks for her.
She also says that she would just move home, except then “he” would be homeless since she pays most of the rent, and she is just going to leave when she can go and he can get a different room or something.
Of course for me I can see a fairly simple soulation to that one. If elais does de use to move out,Jeremey could move into his room and the vacate the large room for someone else to move into.
And she could just go somewhere else.
Then there is mr. I quit my temp job and really hope I can get a new job soon. But I need to be able to pay 375 bucks for a end of the year creepy guy computer test, or go straight to jail.
So all that stuff is in the air, so maybe something could change for the better.

Holiday clash

It’s not quite New Year’s Day yet, and candy and V-day stuff is creeping in . There is one isle where all of the Christmas’s 50% off stuff is on the far end.
There is a empty section, and then all the bright colors and candy hearts are creeping in frthe other side.

Bad news and eggs

Almost all of my blogs that have Elias in them seem to be centered around us talking in the kitchen. Over eggs.
He tends to eat the same basic meals over and over again.
Eggs are his best effort by far.
So today he informs me he may be moving out.he does not know for sure yet, so it may be some time before it happens.
If he leaves that is goin to mean a complete lack of anyone else to clean the kitchen.

Physiological war in the kitchen

One of the first things I learned about cooking was the almost magical effect you get when you add garlic, and soy to onions.
The smell of garlic and onions sauté, is one of the most powerful smells that you get walking into
a kitchen.
Fairly early on when I was learning to cook, and was at the stage where impressing girls was a thing, I noticed the effects that these humble ingredients had on anyone in the house.
Girls could be in mid excuse, declining to stay, and heading towards the door with keys in hand. Toss those things into a skillet, and watch the change in anyone trying to escape its pull.
In the same apartment where I lived with Steve, I had a set of second hand bar stools that were at the counter between the kitchen and our tiny living room.
It was the perfect place for someone to sit, and watch whatever was going on in the kitchen.
I have quite a few memories of Keeping up a conversation, while cooking for someone.
After laying in bed for a while this mourning, listening to Elvis Costello pondering about understanding, and love.
I decided to sauté mushrooms, garlic, soy and some diced onions along with a few eggs. It was a quick breakfest, and the smell in the kitchen goes well with my mourning coffee.

Battery cords

So now I am going to wait untill the cool device people at alpine labs send me a cord.
For some reason my old D-40 will not charge its battery, which sucks seeing as I do have that cord to make the new device work.
And it seems it won’t connect to the Bluetooth on my phone without our being connected to a camera.
So oh, bother.

Dead battery

After a full night of chargeing the battery on my older Nikon should be fully charged. The charge time is something like three to four hours, so a whole night should have done it.
Two months ago I had the camera fully charged and used it to photograph things that I saw while in my car. It’s like a back up camera, it’s not as good in terms of mega pixels as the camera in my iPhone, but it is a full size camera so that is better.
The charger is a cheap after market one I got off amazon, so it could be that. My next and last step is to try a usb cord plugged into the camera to try and charge it.

Weak Pulse

The cool camera device may or may not be cool.
The device comes with a couple of little cords. One fits my old camera which needs its battery charged.
But my primary camera does not have a cord for it. The one I have is a nine pin, when I need an 8 pin usb-b.
So I am going to charge the old camera so I can see what it does atlest. This could be fairly cool, or it could suck.

Who was it said all things come down to 50/50 either way.