Cordless,clueless, and no longer caring…

Recently Tad made an audio comment on my reponce to his many audios from a month or two ago.

One of the most surprising, was the story he told of the free backpack i sent him of food .

He told me with some ire, that my spending thirty dollars on simple food for him, and sending him a perfectly good used Jan sport backpack, turned out to be annoying to him.

Sorry some reason in Tad world the fact that he did not want to be bothered with cooking the simple food, and his new place telling him he would not have enough storage space, meant that he dumped in on the free table .

Somehow this was my fault like most things with tad, which is a large reason that i no longer talk to him.

Considering how few things tad has given me , and how he seems to feel that most of my gifts to him over the years are not worth mentioning. I had no desire to let him know how bad this gift has sucked.

Considering that it is 4-25 2018 and it was a Christmas present, and i still have not been able to use it for anything, that says a lot.

According to the tech people they are sending me a few cords that might work, and the said cords will be here Friday.

So Friday i will either have a working camera thingie, or i will be sending all that stuff back for a refund.


Never sure ..

The of the things about shopping at Walmart, is i can never really tell if someone is being clever with randomly placing stuff where it does not go .

Or If it is just people being lazy.

this one is a particularly hard because it could go one of two ways equally.

Way one is that someone sat here and headless of someone needing a large pillow in the future, decided that it would be easier to sit on the bench with the pillow.

Tees two is even simpler. Someone decided that the plastic around the pillow was not in fact completely icky prof in that the outside plastic should not be risked in a public restroom.

I can really see both being an equally good ending to this little mini mystery.

Sadly it is a mystery i will not be solving today.

High voltage

I am starting to think I have captured the most interesting shot of the hawk I am going to get.

He does not seem to want to repeat his screeching at me again. So maybe I have got all I am going to get?